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Cardinal Kitchen

Support Ball State University

Fresh Food and Toiletries for Cardinal Kitchen!

Cardinal Kitchen is Ball State's campus food pantry. We are a student organization that provides food and toiletries at no cost to any Ball State student, staff member, and their dependents in need of our services. Let’s make sure that members of our community are not being left malnourished. 

Have you ever wondered how the state of Indiana is battling hunger and poverty? Feeding America’s Map, the Meal Gap study, estimates over 15.4% of Hoosiers are food insecure, with over a third of that population being children.

Imagine the investment in creating a holistic environment where institutions set in motion resources on college campuses for students that are facing tribulations of hunger and poverty! Doing this in order to make sure that student development is more equitable, as individuals will have more needs than others. Success isn’t based on the number of students, rather than the impact on each individual student. With this in mind, it is still vital that as a food pantry we have enough resources that will meet the needs of our student population as they arise. 

Your funds will be used for food, personal care items, can openers, and necessary equipment needed to fully operate the food pantry. A few of the personal care items we provide include toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, razors, and body wash. We also want to expand our fresh food offerings and stock a wider variety of nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables. We currently offer bananas and potatoes at every opening, but with your contribution, we will be able to expand that and give our clients variety in their diets. Every dollar counts!

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