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Now accepting applications for October 2019! 


If you are interested in launching a crowdfunding campaign, you're in the right place! Please complete the following application, as well as review the policies located under the 'About' link to submit a project for approval.


Note: Completing this application does not guarantee that your project will be approved. Please contact Stormie Kirby at with any questions. 

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Tell us about your project

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Dollars or number of donors. We recommend goals of $1,000-$15,000 and will advise on realist goal.

Please provide a project breakdown that explains how you would use all funds if your funding goal is met*

If your project does not meet its full funding goal, are you prepared to explain how any funding received would be used?*

Projects should be achievable within 30-days.

Crowdfunding Campaigns Launch in October, February, and April. Which month is your preference?*

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These items will be important when building your campaign site and in social media promotion.

Do you have or are you able to produce a brief 1-2 minute video for your project?*

What Foundation Fund will you use for this campaign?*

You may need to contact your administrative staff for this information.

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