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Ball State Angel Tree

Support Ball State University

Why support BSU Angel Tree?

Every year, Student Voluntary Services partners with the Delaware County Department of Child Services to gather gifts to children who are away from their homes during the holiday season. SVS encourages Ball State University students, organizations, faculty & staff to sponsor children in need and hosts a gift-wrapping event where students volunteer to wrap donated gifts.


<p>Students help wrap donated gifts for Ball State’s Student Voluntary Services’ annual Angel Tree event Dec. 3, 2019. More than 351 children will receive gifts for the holiday season because students, staff and community members volunteered to sponsor them. <strong>Tier Morrow, DN </strong></p>


How Does it Work?

In the past years, we have had an Angel Tree in the Office of Student Life with ornaments that contain a child’s information on each one. To give a gift, sponsors would select an ornament (and therefore a child) to sponsor. Due to COVID-19, though, the selection of ornaments and the gift-giving process may be slightly different.


Why Donate?

Every child deserves to feel love and joy during the holiday season. By giving to Angel Tree, you will be making a positive impact on a child. Angel Tree provides more than material gifts to children; it shows a child that people care for them. By giving, you have the opportunity to bring a smile to a child’s face this holiday season. 



How to Give

You can donate here via the official Ball State University crowdfunding site. Our goal is to raise $1,000 to buy gifts for as many children as we can. By making a monetary donation to the BSU Angel Tree fund, you are making a child's holiday that much brighter!