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Identifying the Lost: GPR of Graves at Central State Hospital

Raised toward our $5,500 Goal
93 Donors
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Project ended on March 03, at 11:59 PM EST
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March 03, 2020



This is not just a win for us at AAL and IMHM, this is a win for everyone who supported us. We have had 93 DONORS over a 1 month period raising $5,830!!

We will keep all of you updated with our project, results, and next steps in remembering the patients of the Central State Hospital. 





March 02, 2020

We have almost come to the end of our campaign! We have raised ALMOST $5500 during this campaign from our friends, family, colleagues, and public supporters! 


Our team is honored by your generous donations and helping us to reach our goals! 




Please watch our video below about the history of Central State Hospital and the Indiana Medical History Museum told by Sarah Halter. 


Share this post with friends, family, colleagues! 






February 24, 2020

We have reached the HALF WAY mark in our crowdfunding campaign to raise $5500 to locate the graves of patients buried at Central State Hospital by March 4th, 2020. 


So far, we have received $3852 out of $5500, which is 70% of our goal!

We have 61 donors supporting our campaign! 

There is still time to donate and support this worthy cause!

When you donate to our crowdfunding campaign, you will receive access to our forthcoming event where we share our results with donors and the public, giving back to the community that supported us and has a shared interest in this project. You will also receive a free copy of our published article on the results of this project. Also, be sure to look out for our History of Central State Hospital video that will be coming out this week!

Be a history maker by donating TODAY!


$5, $10, or $1,000…Each dollar is an investment in discovery of graves buried at the cemetery in order to properly memorialize the patients and show them the respect they deserve. 


Please consider making a donation by clicking on the following link:


All gifts are tax-deductible and a donation at any level is greatly appreciated.


You can also support our project by sharing the link with your personal and professional networks. We’d love for you to share on your social media and get the word out!

So, what is GPR?

February 10, 2020

It is the moment you have all been waiting for. 


Throughout the campaign, we will be releasing a video as part of a special series that delves into a specific facet of our crowdfunding project.


In this weeks video, Erin will be discussing what is ground penetrating radar (GPR), besides a long series of words. 


Thank you to all of our donors for your support. This has been an amazing first week of our campaign. We have raised OVER HALF of our total campaign goal. This week exceeded by expectations in the best way possible! We still have three weeks to campaign and reach our goal, so we are not out of the woods yet, but we are in a great position going forward! 


To all our future donors:




Please share this video with friends, family, and colleagues. This project is an incredibly important step towards correcting our mistreatment of past marginalized communities. Your donation is funding a brighter future. 


A BIG thank you to Cat Holland and Mike Eichstaedt for allowing me to take videos of them in the field! 

If I could sum up the first week of this campaign in one word...

February 07, 2020

That word would be 




Sure, that's two words, and yes, I did have to go look at a thesaurus to find synonyms to 'amazed', but my point is made: this first week of the campaign has been incredible. 


Each time I look at our campaign page (embarrassingly 20 times a day) and the donations that are flooding in, I am totally blown away. Your donations not only mean that you believe in our campaign, but it means that you want to be part of our team in finding out the truth of who lies in the first Central State Hospital cemetery. 


We have certainly exceeded my expectations with how much money we have raised so far, and we need to keep it up!! The more donations we receive, the more land we are able to survey and the more we can do after the GPR survey to memorialize these patients. Your gifts are always going to a great cause when you donate to our campaign. 



Official Launch Day!

February 03, 2020

This is the FIRST official day of our campaign!


We have already received over a third of our campaign goal from friends and family this past week and we are SO EXCITED to be able to share our project with the world now! 


There will be fun videos, incentives, and surprises coming up in the next few days and weeks for those that support this campaign. 


Please donate if you have not done so, we can use all donations that we receive! If you know someone that would be interested in this project, let them know about it by sending them this link


Let the CrowdFUNding Begin!

First Day of our Soft Launch!

January 29, 2020

WOW is all I can say.


It is barely noon on the first day of our soft launch for this campaign and we have already raised over $300! I am beyond grateful to all of you that have donated to our campaign! 


Please feel free to share this crowdfunding campaign with friends, family, and coworkers during the soft launch. This coming Monday February 3rd is our crowdfunding hard launch and this will be when we will be posting to social media and calling on the public to get involved too! 


Stay tuned for updates and fun posts about the project, AAL, and IMHM. There might even be some video bloopers that you are not going to want to miss! 


"History, despite it's wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again."

Maya Angelou

Choose a giving level


Hourly Rate of 1 Archaeologist

Here at AAL, we hire students for our archaeology projects. This provides students with dependable work and great experience for when they graduate. Donate $8, the average hourly rate of one student employee, to our project!


GPR for a Small Grid

For a small 1x1m grid, it will cost about $25 for the field work and processing of the GPR data.


GPR of 1 Grave

The standard area of a grave shaft is 20 sq. feet. This area will cost the AAL approximately $55.00.


VIP Guest at Wrap Up Party

Once our project is completed, we will be hosting a wrap up party for our donors and the public. VIP guests will be provided refreshments and exclusive details of the project before the official presentation begins. Donate today!


Years the Hospital Operated

Central State Hospital was opened for 148 years. This donation pays respect to the almost sesquicentennial operation of the hospital and the staff and patients within.


GPR for a Medium Grid

For a small 10x10m grid, about the size of a two-car garage, it will cost about $250 for the field work and processing of the GPR data.


GPR for a Large Grid

For a standard size, large 20x20m grid, about the size of a large family home, it will cost roughly $500. Donate today!

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